- This*

General Features: 9/10

This*Webhost uses all of the latest features including PHP 5 support and Cpanel 11 (which happens to be my favorite, not a big fan of plesk). They even give automated daily backups which of seems to be a normal thing now a days but still a great addition and helps when i don’t always do it to my own sites.

Reliability: 10/10

I have yet to experience any downtime or failure to connect. None of my clients or visitors have yet to notify me or discuss with me about any downtime or site slow times or bad experience on it. If it does happen, as I’m sure of course there will be at least one time, they honor a 99% guarantee; so long as it was something out of control and not pre-notified.

Customer Support: NA/10

Unfortunately or Fortunately depending on how you want to really look at it, I have yet to need to contact or use their support. However when setting up my account with them I did get in contact with site owner David Myers personally through AIM, whom was very helpful and never once pushed me into getting a package or going with them. They also have forums, twitter, support ticketing system and e-mail all available as ways to solve issues. I also like the fact they even help with coding and website issues you have.

Pricing: 8/10

I will say that when i was first going to go to them after all the host in a box sites i had been with the pricing was a bit steep, but they were trying to keep from being another overselling, underachieving, dollar plan hosts. They have since I been with them changed their pricing and space/bandwidth allotments but of course graciously and kind of enough of them they also changed my pricing to the new scale instead of making me realize on my own and track them down just to save a few dollars a month.

Space/Bandwidth: 9/10

I think its fair to say that their packages are quite suitable for everyones need whether it be your basic storage for crap, or a huge forum/blog. The space is well priced and bandwidth you are given more rather than not enough. If you are looking for the Unlimited space and bandwidth packages you can find them here. :slight_smile:


All and all I love this*. Its what i consider to be my first long term host, i’ve used tons of different ones mind you, including Hostgator, Asmallorange, Slicehost, site5, and none them mind you have given me the same things i ask for/from with this*. In no way am i calling them bad, just wasn’t pleased with things from them for various reasons. I would definitely give these underdogs a recommendation to the hosting world and hope that with this at least one person takes a look and even tries them out. I have been with them since the beginning of this year and use a custom plan at the moment. I hope you enjoy my review and will be glad to see some commentary.


I only have good experiences with This*. I defenitely recommend them!

I had to comment on this thread (despite it being old).

Whenever I mention This* I sound like I’m working for them because I start raving about them so much. If you read any of the reviews online about them it’s all spot on (10/10). They’ve hosted my site PSDFAN for a while now and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone should use This*!

They’ve got a neat, well taken care of site, which goes hand in hand with the service as you describe it to be. :slight_smile:

May we know a domain that you’ve hosted with them since the start of the year? was the domain i used originally but i let it expire so my current domain with them is

Nice review
I think this will impact my decision of next host for my site

I’ve never seen a company care so much about their customers. The more business you get, the more people are going to see how unique This* is because they will know they will never be cheated and they will soon learn they get rewarded instead. They really are the best.