This Week in .NET - 9 March, 2015

So I’ve been throwing around this idea for a while (ever since the first “This Week in JavaScript” actually…) and I’ve officially dedicated time this morning to start it. So without further ado, here it is!


  • AngularJS intellisense NuGet package added - If you have been waiting for intellisense support in your IDE, wait no longer as Shawn Cicoria has released a package to add it.
  • Brackets 1.2 Released - Brackets is a modern lightweight text editor and 1.2 was just released which includes a variety of new features
  • ADAL v3 Preview - If you need Active Directory Authentication, the library by Vittorio Bertocci was just recently updated to support .NET Core and Xamarin Unified API.
  • TypeScript <3 Angular - Somasegar discusses the work from the last couple of months with Microsoft TypeScript Team as they work with Google’s Angular team on Angular 2.
  • Angular 2: Built on TypeScript - Jonathan Turner shares the TypeScript Team’s perspective on the combined work with the Angular Team and shares what it is like to use TypeScript to write AngularJS v2 applications through a TodoMVC demo.


So let me apologize for primarily just providing a couple of lists with excerpts, but I’m still playing around with how to best format this for .NET and will work that out over the next several weeks of “This Week in .NET”

Was there anything you’ve read recently that I didn’t have on my list? Did you read any of these articles prior to seeing them on my list?

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