This Week in JavaScript - 6 March 2017

Hello and welcome to This Week in JavaScript, our lovingly curated collection of links relating to what’s new and exciting in the world of JS. The complete list is tagged jsweekly. (Don’t forget to check out our weekly .NET and front end roundups too!)

And now for this week’s JavaScript finds …

## Getting Started - [Quick tip: How to sort an array of objects in JavaScript]( - The temptation might be to reach for a JavaScript library. Before you do however, remember that you can do some pretty neat sorting with the native Array.sort function. - [What tutorials don’t tell you: how to approach projects]( - Approaching a project isn’t as neat as the tutorials make it seem. Rather than belting out lines of perfect code, projects are done in small pieces with plenty of trial and error and a healthy dose of searching through reference materials. - [Functional JavaScript for lazy developers (like me)]( - One of the core concepts that has driven my quest for knowledge about programming techniques has always been my own laziness. I started to look for ways to make coding easier and more fun. And that search led me directly to functional programming.

Learning More


  • strclass - A tiny library to apply CSS classes as strings from objects.
  • Hyperapp - 1kb JavaScript library for building functional frontend applications with Elm-like state management and a virtual DOM engine.
  • deep-autofill - Google Chrome Extension to auto fill form input elements using faker.js, making life easier for developers.





  • Testing JavaScript with Jasmine - JavaScript testing with Jasmine presents an efficient and convenient way to cover your code with test early in development, allowing to greatly improve it in most cases.
  • TDD the RITE way - When you dig into TDD you’re going to find a bunch of options for test frameworks. Let me save you some time: Which one you pick matters less than how simple your test suite is.

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