This Week in JavaScript - 28 November 2016

Hello and welcome to This Week in JavaScript.

Thanks to an exceedingly good week away sharing modern tabletop games with people in Hanmer Springs, and escaping only a few hours before the 7.8 quake hit, I managed to get all out of sorts and miss publishing last week’s article. For this I can only ask your forgiveness, mea culpa - mea maxima culpa.

The following is our lovingly curated collection of links relating to what’s new and exciting in the world of JS. The complete list is tagged jsweekly. (Don’t forget to check out our weekly .NET and front end roundups too!)

And now for this week’s JavaScript finds …

Getting Started

Learning More


  • Pixelmatch - The smallest, simplest and fastest JavaScript pixel-level image comparison library
  • Vue.js 2.1 released - Now with scoped slots, conditional keep-alive, v-else-if, relaxed filter usage, and more.


  • ES6 iterators and generators in practice - If you are a fan of lazy evaluation, or you want to be able to describe infinite sequences. Understanding iterators also helps you understand generators, promises, sets, and maps better.


React / Redux


  • Spotting outdated Angular 1.x posts - A list of things that should indicate to you that the post you’re reading might be a bit… stale.
  • Angular seed - A collection of best practices used in developing single page applications.
  • Get Angular 1 Features in Angular 2 - A guidance for implementing common features of Angular 1 in Angular 2. Some things have been removed or replaced. Some require a mental model shift. We’ll cover the basics and hopefully you’ll be able to get up and running more quickly with your own Angular 2 apps.
  • Angular 2 @Input() property changes detection - Angular’s @Input() decorator allows you to pass data from parent to child components. These “dumb” components rely solely on the data they receive from their parents and know nothing about the world outside them.

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Please PM us if you have anything of interest for the next issue or if there is anything you would like to see featured. Paul and chrisofarabia.


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