This website/java works in most IE7's but not all


would anyone know why this website works in IE7 and in IE6 on most PC’s but on 1 or 2 PC’s that have IE7 and IE6 it is not working?

The issue is that in some IE7’s that when the user mouses over the accordion it is not opening. In most IE7’s it does. On my client’s home PC it is not. On his work PC it is working.

I have gone through IE7 settings (tools>internet options>advanced) and made them identical to IE7’s that work and it is still not doing what we want it to do.

Why would this be? and how can we fix it?


Hi there. Just to let you know that this has been solved. The issue was that the client’s antivirus software had a pop-up blocker. Once this was disabled, the site worked perfectly. Thanks again.

Hi. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Could it be some computer wide setting that is causing the issue and have nothing to do with the browser?

THanks for your responses. Deleteing the cache did not solve it.

I am notified in a different web browser that /wp-content/themes/img/12_col.gif is not found.

That may not be related, but it can’t harm to resolve.

It’s working for me correctly on all browsers.

Tell your client to delete his/hers cache. That should solve it.