"This site may be compromised" notice in Google

I clicked on the a link for the psd2cssonline.com website after it appeared in the search results. I was too fast to click the link and missed the notice “this site may be compromised” notice underneath.

I know I should have been more careful. Does anyone know if this site carries any threat. I’m doing a scan on my side.

Judging by the Google warning, it seems to be more of a phishing risk or just general garbage (as appears to be the case, based on the search results). Google has a second warning of “This site may harm your computer” which it uses when it has detected malware. More information in this Google article.

thanks for that. I didn’t do anything when I was on the url. I just clicked back to get out of it. My gmail was open in another tab at the time. Could this have been affected. I know gmail page operate under https:// so I’m hoping that my mails couldn’t have been accessed.