This navigation effect possible in jquery or CSS3?

Here is the link to the effect I am going to refer to:

Obviously this is flash, but I want to have my navigation in CSS only if possible, is this effect possible using CSS3 only? What about jquery? Basically I am trying to achieve that effect without using flash because flash does not work well SEO wise (or has this changed?).

You can certainly create that nav. animation using javascript.

Ok, could you be a little more specific? I do not know javascript so what kind of effects / attributes would allow this animation? Ideally I will search for a similar animation via google once I know what kind of effects I can specifically search for then edit the code accordingly to fit my needs.

My question would be why would you want it – that’s the most annoying animation I’ve seen in ages (the illegible poorly rendered text doesn’t help). Of course, you strip out the pointless slow wasteful animation, and that’s easy CSS, no scripting needed except a htc for if you still care about IE6 and lower.

Again, there’s a reason it’s called flash and not substance.

ok, it looks like you are trying to bite off much more than you can chew for now.

To create those animations with javascript is not a trivial task, bit not too difficult once you have a grasp of the fundamentals of javascript. You’ll need to have a grasp of the concept of accessing the html objects in the DOM and how to manipulate them using things like setInterval() and/or setTimeout() javascript functions to control the animations.

If you’re interested in starting to learn the basics of javascript, then a reasonably good place to start is the w3schools javascript tutorials.

Also, if you google something like “javascript animations” you should get some useful information as well.

Interesting, from my perspective it was a neat animation but I could see how it might be annoying. I will have to upload another option I have questions about creating without flash because the last thing I want is navigation that’s hard to read.

Of course ur rite flash does not help us with SEO, it is most effective with javascript than CSS3
more and more codes are available for us in google to help us in creating the required content with javascript…
In your case of nav is somewat a difficult task mate…but sure can cross it with js.
Thank u !!

That effect makes me feel dizzy. It is as likely to annoy as amuse, so I’d recommend giving it a miss.