This forum mouse over [en.undefined] + edit error

When I mouse over the search icon, hamburger icon and my avatar on the top right of the page I get a [en.undefined]. The notification icon is OK.

Out of interest I went to edit this post and I recived a warning about abandoning the thread instead of editing it then a " Unknown error saving post, try again. Error: 502 Bad Gateway" and I mistakenly clicked yes for abandon and it clicked into the edit box.
The editing seems OK now.

I’ve seen a couple of odd behaviours this morning on myself iPad, when it seems to have taken comments I’ve made OK, but then sends me back to the edit screen with an error message. It seems to be OK though now. Gremlins I think…

Spoke too soon. It just did it again with a 503 error.

That’s already been reported to our devs. (It also shows up at the top of the search results dropdown.)

I’ve also experienced a couple of weird 502 errors today and was about to flag that up, so thanks for saving me the bother.

502/503 errors may be resolved, waiting to hear an actual confirmation, but I’m not having the issue any more. I spoke too soon.


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