Third Party Theme For Blogger Has Stopped Showing Page Navigation Buttons

I have been on this forum twice in the past and i am happy that the experts helped me. This is the third time i am here with a problem and i hope to get it resolved too.
I am using Blogger as my platform and recently i uploaded a third party theme on it. Initially all went well but recently the theme has stopped showing PAGE NAVIGATION buttons which earlier were present just below the last post.
The page navigation buttons are neither visible on the home page nor on label pages and so on. Basically they have disappeared.
I really am in need of some help as the visitors on my website will not be able to navigate until this problem gets resolved.

My website: Link
Template download Link: Link

Thanks in advance. I am sure the experts here will look into the problem.

Hi badritek. could you be more specific about what you see now? I see a menu at the top on that page and a large menu at the bottom of the page, so not sure what I’m supposed to be seeing.

Thanks for your reply Ralph. Actually earlier i was able to see page numbers in small blocks… - like 1,2,3 and so on. But recently, for some reason, the whole page navigation bar has disappeared.
Thank you for looking into that page. Actually i am not talking about the Pages - Home, About, etc, nor about the menu at the bottom which consists of the tags and blog archive.

I am talking about the page numbers. Take a look at the screenshot please and you will understand.

The page numbers 1,2 and so on were visible earlier but recently they have disappeared for an unknown reason. Hope the screenshot helps you in understanding the problem.

OK, that makes it clearer. :slight_smile:

I suspect it’s some kind of backend setting that’s been turned off … or perhaps you don’t have enough posts yet? There’s no sign of that pager in your HTML, which is why I suggest it’s a backend issue … meaning that the buttons never make it to the browser.

All I see in the HTML is an “older posts” link:

<div class="blog-pager" id="blog-pager">
<span id="blog-pager-older-link">
<a class="blog-pager-older-link" href=";max-results=5" id="Blog1_blog-pager-older-link" title="Older Posts">Older Posts</a>

… which is currently set to display: none:

.blog-pager a {
display: none;

Thanks for the reply Ralph.
I have no clue about HTML but I can surely work on the template if you guide me through the procedure.
As for the backend issue I already have more than 55 posts and the page numbers were visible a few days back. If you can please help me in bringing back the page numbers it would be very helpful of you.

There must be a solution to this Ralph. Please give help me I really can’t continue like that. Thanks a ton in advance

Unfortunately, I know nothing whatever about blogger or how it works. Have you made any changes to the site recently?

I didnt make any changes as far as i remember except for the fact that i deleted the adsense widget, which i think should not have affected the template.

Actually i have no clue about HTML but for 1 month i have been modifying this template by some hit and trial methods and simple logic. This problem has come up from nowhere and i really have no idea what to do now, to rectify this issue. What do you suggest? Shall i change the template :frowning: ?
Or are there other members on sitepoint who can help me with this.
I remember the last time i posted a question, you helped me Ralph so i was expecting some help this time too. :slight_smile:

Just tell me what you think i should do.
Thanks in advance, once again

I had a look at the Blogger documentation, but all I found was information on the standard < Older Posts | Newer Posts > links, which are in your template but hidden. I am presuming the template you have has somehow implememtned the numbering system instead. But as I say, Blogger is beyond my ken.

You could simply reinstate the < Older Posts | Newer Posts > system if you like, as it’s there but hidden at the moment.

Hmmm. No problem Ralph.
I am glad at least you looked into my problem. I will try to figure out the solution myself. :slight_smile:

One question though… Can I increase the size of the side which is 260px by default to 300px, to optimise it for Adsense ? I tried changing the size but the whole sidebar moved to the bottom of the article body.

Can i increase its size without affecting other sections of the page?

Thank you once again.

Looking at your site now, it appears you have sorted everything already. Well done. :slight_smile:

Thank you. It was a fluke to be honest.
I am nowhere around the kind of knowledge you have Ralph.

I have increased the side bar size to 298px and have minimized the right margin to -2px i guess. This has greatly helped me in fitting in the adsense ads but i really wanted to know if the size of the template (including the article body and sidebar) can be increased so that both these sections have some margin between them?

As you can see right now, the sidebar is on the verge of merging with the article body? Can i modify it?

I just want to know if it can be done successfully, if not, i m still happy with the current view. Thanks again in advance Ralph, as you have helped me in the past.

And a Happy New Year in advance.

Ah, there’s plenty you can do there. One simple option would be to change this:

#left {
float: left;
margin-top: 25px;
width: [COLOR="#FF0000"]698[/COLOR]px;

to something like

#left {
float: left;
margin-top: 25px;
width: [COLOR="#FF0000"]678[/COLOR]px;

If that’s not quite the layout you want, let us know, as there are many other options. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that Ralph.
I will surely try to modify it and will let you know soon. Thanks again and a Happy New Year