Third-party solution or CMS for signing up members?


one of my clients wants a new website with a hidden product catalogue. They want users to sign up through a sign-up form first and then be admitted into the product catalogue.

I already told them that this feature is rather difficult to implement but they want it anyway.

I wonder if there’s any third-party solution for signing in members, let them choose their own passwords etc? Each member should be vetted by one of the company staff in order to get admitted into the product catalogue eventually.

I have worked with Expression Engine and [URL=“”]Symphony CMS a lot in the past. But none of these offers the exact functionality that is required here.

Can anybody give me a hint what third party solution and / or CMS to use here?

Thanks for any help!!

Simple… Build the site in Drupal, create a product type content, use views to create your catalogue pages and then use the Content Access module to only allow certain roles (authenticated) access to the product and catalogue pages.

  • Ok, the reality of creating all of this isn’t as simple as downloading a few modules but the above lays out the setup of a simple product catalogue with access control preventing anonymous visitors from seeing the catalogue or products. You could take it a step further with Ubercart or Commerce to improve the capabilities of your products and catalogue.

Link: Content Access, [URL=“”]Ubercart, [URL=“”]Commerce

you can try buddypress as well. With a little twist it can solve your purpose

Hey, thank you guys!

I checked out those Drupal modules and they look great. But I’ve never worked with Drupal before, so I’ll probably stick to this time. They have a Members Module that looks fairly promising to me.

I’ve just done exactly this with Joomla. I installed a template into Joomla then paid a programmer in India to customise it so that if you’re not logged in it takes you to a page saying that you must log in. If you’re logged in, it takes you to the category you chose. The programming cost me $80…

Also be sure to check out has modules that might just do what you have in mind.