Third Party Email Software


One of my clients runs a franchise-based business. As part of my hosting agreement, I’ve setup email accounts for all the franchisees so that they are not sending out emails from their own gmail and other personal email accounts.

What he would like to do is get everyone standardised with emails that have the company logo, formatted signatures and ideally latest news etc shown at the bottom of their emails.

As they are currently using different clients and won’t all have access to Outlook, the only way I can think of achieving this is via a webmail client. However, all the webmail clients I have used are pretty crude and text-only.

Does anyone know of a third party php software that could be installed on the web server that would allow full customization, html templates and includes to provide a really slick, professional email platform?

Hope that makes sense and all thanks in advance for any suggestions.

You could try I used to use it years ago but haven’t recently. It’s web based and as far as i Know can generate HTML mails.