Thinking of moving to Linode from shared server, any advice?

I am thinking of finally moving to Linode. I have had it with shared servers that have nothing but downtime. Everytime my traffic grows, the site gets slower and I have to upgrade my account. I want scalable servers. My website is built on Symfony. I have tried optimizing the performance of the website, so that’s not the problem here… What do you guys suggest? Should I move to Linode or would you guys advise against it?

Do you have any experience managing a full server?

Have you tried other shared hosting service providers?

As @sparek said have you tried an alternative host?

The cheapest Linode plan looks to be $5/month; how does that compare to what you are paying now?

Keep in mind, Linode sells you a VPS. The $5 does not include cPanel, you would have to purchase that separately - if you want that - and install it yourself.

There’s also a lot more to configuring a server or a VPS and keeping it secure. You might be paying more than $5/mo for a shared hosting account. But unless you are comfortable managing and configuring a server, there can be a lot more cost involved in terms of your time in managing a VPS or server than what you pay for a shared hosting account.


Are you familiar with Linux?

I had been using Linux for about a year and the move to a VPS was still a big jump. I had a few downtimes due to misconfigurations and they were thankfully resolved by support. Maintenance after about three years is now not so time consuming.

Considering Linode only costs 5$ a month I would be tempted to run two accounts, copy all your data to Linode but only use free domain names for testing purposes. Once you are confident then drop the shared hosting and go with Linode.

Best of luck and look forward to reading about your experiences.

I have also used A2 hosting, didn’t like their support. I don’t have any experience in managing a full server. Why do you ask?

Of course, I don’t expect Linode to cost me same as shared hosting. I am ready to take the cost. It is not that expensive. Just need good performance.

I see. Didn’t think of that. This could increase my cost if I have to hire a guy for managing servers.

Only little experience with working on Linux. I would categorized myself as a novice when it comes to it.

Unless you just know that your website is heavy on the resources, I would try other hosting providers. Perhaps a premium level hosting plan. I don’t really know how much you are paying for your hosting (and it’s not any of my business) or how big your website is and if you are using cPanel or some other control panel.

If you use cPanel, you should be able to create a backup of your account in your cPanel and then you can move it to other hosting providers. Some hosting providers will even offer to migrate your account for you. It really just depends on how big your account is.

A lot of times people jump on the VPS bandwagon when really what they need is a solidly managed shared hosting provider. That doesn’t mean that your account hasn’t outgrown shared hosting and needs a VPS. But I would consider other shared hosting providers first or look for a managed VPS provider.

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