If you use Thesis I would like your views the good and bad points and any pitiful must I be aware of. I considering testing it out on a mac under MAMP before going live. All suggestions are welcome

I am agree with this discussion about Thesis, That’s it’s SEO Friendly theme. But it doesn’t mean that you will lost ranking opportunities with some other free or paid themes. I am using some of free wordpress themes on few blogs, but still they are ranking. Ranking matter on quality content and quality back link.

I just want to ask that, If i am using thesis, posting unique content, not getting back links for any of post or page. May i have chances of ranking?

Thesis is a great theme, I use it on a couple of my sites.

It’s said that it also helps your rankings by improving your SEO per se, this is a controversial topic and I will stand out of it. :slight_smile:

Anyway, what I like about Thesis is the fact that you can customize nearly EVERYTHING to your like.

I have tried to find information if I can install Thesis on two computers or must it be only for one computer? Please kindly advise me.

Did you purchase a personal license or a development license?

Personal = Use on one WordPress installation
Development = Use on multiple WordPress installations

I am new to word-press. There are hundreds of available themes, some free, some not. I bought mine, Socrates, because I liked the headers and templates better. :slight_smile:

I am also using Thesis Theme in my site. I like it very much … it’s SEO friendly theme . you can use it without any hesitation … :slight_smile:

Thanks !

I’m using it in one of my blog, we can easily customize, all the seo options are inbuilt in that theme, no need to use any additional plugins for optimization purpose :slight_smile:

I have Thesis on one of my blogs, and it annoys the heck out of me - none of the things I want to customize are customizable without me having to learn the programming codes. The hooks deal I found confusing - perhaps because they were doing it for things I already knew how to program. The nice thesis sites I have seen have all been heavily customized with code that has been added in. I have found a whole lot of interesting free themes out there, and I prefer to use them over Thesis. I am trying to forget that I bought a developer license. I figure that if I have to learn some coding to accomplish what I want, I don’t see why learning Thesis’s system and php is a good deal. I think it is a matter of personal taste - there are those who like it and those who don’t .