There will be all books available for online reading?

I would like to read books from the sitepoint online (like packtpub), instead of download to my computer, I’ve look that some of them are available for read online, but not all (Your First Week With Bootstrap is not available under this way), there will be available soon?

I can read the books I’ve purchased online. Not readily apparent you can do this. Just go to your dashboard, select the book you own then click the download link. One of the options is to read the book online.

Hope this helps


Yes you’re right @CITAWDS, I do the same, but this options it’s not available to all books “Your First Week With Node.js” for example don’t have this option, and then with few others neither.


We are actually working on a new on-line reader at current. We have plans to have that out in the next month for some select books (so we can test it out and see how the users like it).

If that goes well the plan will be to extend that out over all our books.



Great! It’s awesome to listen it! I’ll be waiting for it! :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to update you. We have launched a test of the new online reader:

Would love for you to have a look at this first version and provide us any feedback you have on how we can make it better.



Thanks for tell me about this, I’ve viewed this version and it’s great! it looks very nice, the font used to display the content is a good choice, size is nice and all the style for block of codes it’s perfectly format, I really like it.

The way of navigation between chapters and specific topic it’s really good, simple and pretty.

I’ll just maybe change one detail, title bar IMHO is too big, and it take a much place, I would add an jQuery effect to hidde this bar when scroll down occurs.

The rest I like, it’s perfect!


Wonderful. Thanks very much for providing feedback. I have passed this onto the team. We have a number of features to add to enhance this like bookmarks that will be added over the next few months as we add more books to the system.

Thanks very much.

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