There are jobs in accessibility!

I have no affiliation with these folks, but here’s a job they have posted!

For an all-round developer, front and back end, but then accessibly : ) It’s Oz, meaning the job is in a strange faraway land down under, with drop bears and stuff, but if you’re already living there or willing to brave the wildlife…

I thought there was specifially a jobs forum but I didn’t see it listed in the categories…

There USED to be a category for jobs. Don’t know what happened to it, but I’ve posted one or two in there, myself.


Yes, there was until a few days ago. It didn’t seem to be very useful, though, so it’s been removed. You two are the first to notice. (IMHO, you should get a prize for that, but don’t hold your breath. )

@Stomme_poes is the one who noticed a lack, thereof; I just chimed in a wee bit confuzzed that it wasn’t there, anymore. :smile:



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Benetech is looking for various people to fill all sorts of stuff:, including web developer.

Benetech is a non-profit, based in 'murica, whose goals are using technology to help people (esp people with disabilities or little access to fancy technology), improve literacy (for those with learning disabilities or low/no vision), human rights (creating data systems so other non-profits can help people like refugees), software to manage clean water/water conservation for a better environment, and Benetech Labs, where all sorts of software is developed that for-profit businesses aren’t able to invest in can be planned and developed.

If you’ve heard of anything they’ve developed, you’ve probably heard of Bookshare. Quite of few of my friends rely on Bookshare to have access to books.

Basically, they’re like open-source FLOSS hippies except organised enough to make an actual functioning unit.

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UK Government is looking for a Head of Accessibility. This job seems to be about herding cats and ensuring that all the teams making digital etc stuff is accessible.
You can tell it’s official 'cause there’s a queen crown in the favicon!

EdX is looking for a Test Engineer in Cambridge (ahwr feyr city), MA in the US of A.

If you are knowledgeable about both Access Technology, standards, and writing tests and automated testing, they want you!

EdX is a bit like other online learning companies like Coursera, except it’s a non-profit org and its software is open-source. It was started as a joint project by MIT and Harvard. They not only offer courses, but also do research into how people learn based on users of their products.

The University of Alabama is looking for a Technical accessibility specialist to help campus web teams implement accessibility and measure accessibility.

They want fat degrees but also knowledge of front-endy stuff like HTML, CSS, Javascript. Also general IT skills.

The Big Evil-- erm, I mean, JP Morgan Chase is looking for a Digital Accessibility Lead. They say

Not sure if there’s one place they want you to work, they list a few large American cities, so it may not matter so long as you can work at one of them.

Slack is looking too, probably seeings how their interface is currently not accessible to a lot of people. I hear all sorts of people enjoying “how awesome Slack is” and yet a lot of friends of mine can, at best, interface poorly via IRC. Bleh. Let’s get some people in there to fix that. And you’ll get paid!
Of course, like all fancy hipster tech companies, this one is in, yeah, SanFran, 'Merka.

Twitter’s looking for a Software engineer specialising in Mobile Accessibility. This is a real software engineer or at least high-end programming+architecturing job.

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is looking for someone near Toronto to be an Accessibility Specialist. The good news is, you won’t be writing COBOL.

I got a lot of these ones via Jennison.

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From my friend Sina Bahram:
North Carolina State University (so yeah, USA) needs a University IT Accessibility Coordinator!

Dayum, look at that salary range: Salary Range $57,000 - $119,019

Where they say “knowledge of disability law” they very likely mean section 508 to be included in that list.

WebAIM is looking for an Accessibility Specialist!

Work includes working on the WAVE tool, and being in Utah. : P

I been slackin, yo.

Luckily Marcy Sutton twotted this one: Accessibility Specialist needed at Expedia! Specifically looking for ('merican) front-enders who know ADA, are familiar with specs, WCAG, and various screen readers like JAWS and NVDA who want to work with high-volume websites.

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Derek Featherstone (@feather) of Simply Accessible is looking for US-based disabled folks to get paid to do some user-testing! ~ $75 US per hour of testing.

Participate in a Usability Study!

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