Themes and plugins for Wordpress

Hi i’m new to wordpress and just want to know some stuff. This is gonna be a stupid question but I wanted to know if you want to buy a theme or plugin for a clients website do you ask them to pay for it or do you buy it for yourself and just use it whenever you want. Is the theme and plugin yours forever or for a certain amount of time?

Sorry for the question but just wanna clear stuff up.

It’s really up to you what you charge your client.

As far as whether you use the theme or plugin for other clients, that will depend un the licensing. Some themes/plugins may allow you to use them on just one website without a further fee payable.

If I have expenses that make the website work, I charge for them. After all, we all charge for getting the hosting and domain name if we set that up for the client.

I also tell the client right at the start that if I were to attempt to make a theme or plugin exclusive for them their fee would be a LOT higher, and that by using plugins and themes I am keeping their costs under control by doing things the cheap way.

You spend time researching to find a theme, and can show the expected result using the theme’s demo pages. And you can see that it works okay
IE pay me an extra 30 dollars to get this for you, or an extra 300 to develop it’s twin brother. then test it.

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