Theme modification

I need help with the following three questions.
Align one of my widget area a little bit downward
Add boarder around widget, content and adsense separately.
A thick line between footer and content area for separation.

We can’t help you unless you provide a link to the page in question. :slight_smile:

Have you designed any static webpages earlier ? i think will def help you a bit :slight_smile:

Sorry guys. here is my link

OK, great; but now you need to be more specific about what you are referring to. I haven’t got a clue. Not sure what widget you mean, and I don’t see a footer there.

My adsense skyscrapper is in widghet. I want to separate it from content and enclose both in separate boarders.
There is nothing in the footer area. I want to add a line but before that i want to make it look separate from content with the help of one line.