Thematic menu pains - where is Superfish?

I’m using the current version of Thematic.

I have a few Pages, and then some sub-Pages as children of those. Using Thematic, my sub-menus show up using “superfish” dropdowns.

When I switch to a child-theme for Thematic with little-to-no customization (not even a functions.php file), my submenus aren’t showing up anymore. When I look at the code (using Firefox Firebug and Safari Web Developer), the submenus are in there but visibility:hidden and display:none is being added to the submenus (specifically the ul at the second level). I can only guess that this is because of superfish.js, but who knows because it’s minified
beyond readability.

I know this framework was recommended in the Sitepoint book, but I’m finding the learning curve to be absurdly steep…and I know PHP and SQL…

Can anyone tell me what to do/change to activate the submenus? The blog is here: