Thematic child theme - Design

i need some help with my child theme i have 6x tabs in the navigation menu and would like to know how i can point the default home page to a tab im callin home

also i want to have a blog tab that will list all the blog post

any help will be greatly appreciated

Hi noelc, welcome to SitePoint! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you haven’t given enough information for us to be of much help. Could you clarify what you are trying to do, and post a link if possible, or at least some code to make it clearer what you are doing.

the site url is

on the page you will see the 6x tabs
when you select the home tab i would like it to be redirected to the default home page and not display a page

and when i select the blog tab i would like all the posts to appear there

any help is greatly appreciated as im still learning the ins and outs of the thematic theme

OK, this is really an issue with setting up WordPress, so I’ll move this thread to the WordPpress forum. (I’m a bit rusty with it :slight_smile: )