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I have registered a domain three years back October 2009 for our client to give hosting for his website. The first year was free of cost, but after that two years that client never paid the domain charges, now he want me to transfer the ownership of this domain to him. I have invested this domain charges. Can you guys tell me what will be cost of this domain to sell him? I will look forward to your replies. Thanks in Advance.

Get the money he still owes you, then transfer the domain?

Thanks guido2004, but what will be cost of the domain?

Cost of keeping it registered, plus any late fees you may want to charge…

The domain is registered in your name, so he can’t force you to just hand it over. Godaddy cost of renewing will be around $10 for a year tops

I would charge double money that cost to me to keep the domain registered.

Thanks all for your suggestion, I am thinking to charge a premium value for keeping this for three years.

I would suggest you take basic domain registration charges pending for last 3 years along with say 10-20% extra for renewing the domain. Say 10X3 = 30 + processing charges of say around 5-10$ so in all I would not charge more than $40.

The domain in itself cannot be counted for valuation purposes and I would resist myself from asking a price on the domain because the client may simply change the name to something else or even wait for it to drop. If something like that happens you will lose out all the money you paid till now.

Time and again I have made posts at various locations that web developers should not get in to this business of registering domain and hosting for a client. Best is have a reseller account with some leading company and simply direct the client to that site - if the client registers via you fair enough but in the end you dont end up holding customers domains and then waiting for the client to pay up.