The Worst Internet Site Promotion?

I follow a software vendor on Facebook. Today they had a “Promotion” to their Facebook friends.

“We have a hidden stash on our web site just for you! Join the hunt!”

So me, and many others, hit their site to look for this hidden stash and the “prize” they offered. FB started to fill up with comments from people who could not find anything. More and more people giving up. One person found it but only gave a totally idiotic clue that nobody understood. Finally 1 person put “think four oh four”.

Bingo - I went to the web site, entered a gibberish page (sdfsafsf.html) and BINGO. Then it was just 3 clicks to 3 pages and I was presented with the PRIZE! What was it? 25% off my next purchase. My excitement over that stupendous prize was underwhelming to say the least.

So their idea of a scavenger hunt was either finding the 1 bad link on their entire site OR entering a bogus URL on their site. I got a reply from them telling me they thought it would be fun.

I saw nothing but frustration with their followers on Facebook.

Any other BAD promos you’ve seen?