The Whole site text load Bold for few Seconds

Need Web Help !

The issue is, if you check this URL, you’ll see the text appears in bold and then shift to normal after a few seconds.

Even this page

Fist it appear in center with bold text and white border and then after a few seconds it shifts back to full width

The issue affecting the whole site.

Your kind suggestions/solution please…

Your site is slow to load because there are so many linked files, and 165 errors shown in the browser console. It looks like it takes a while for the Google font to load, and in the meantime the default browser san-serif font is visible instead.

Unfortunately, you have a lot of work to do to optimize performance on this site. There are lots of workarounds for font loading, but there are lots of other issues here.

By the look of it, the layout is quite simple and would work fine without all those JS files, for example. Maybe at least move them to the end of the doucument so they load last.


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