The Ultimate Animation, lol

I have website for a children’s book I wrote. With the generous help of Erik_J, flying birds were added to the mountain image on this page:

Looking at the image, it almost felt that I was looking at a live webcam. It would be great if this concept could be expanded?

Here is what I’ve thought of so far:

Add the sound of wind.
Add other nature sounds during the day.
Add an overlay to simulate a realtime day/night cycle.
The birds would not fly at night but twinkling stars would come out.
There might be an occasional shooting star.
There might be clouds occasionally.
A fish might jump out of the water occasionally.

Do you think these things are possible?


In animation anything is possible, if you put the work into it.
It is still today, the art that film makers use to make the impossible happen on the screen.
So yes, it’s possible. But the more complex you make it, the more work there is in it.


Thanks. A step at a time, lol.

Yes, one way to look at complex things, is just a lot of smaller simple things, brought together.