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Spam is a constant annoyance for website developers and users. For websites, it usually comes in the form of unwanted messages repeatedly posted on your website. However, by using a plugin, spam can be easily handled by your WordPress website.

In this article, we compare the top WordPress anti-spam plugins side-by-side. Before we dig into the common options, let’s first look at some of the key features we’d expect to see in a good anti-spam plugin.

Key Anti-Spam Plugin Features to Look for

Trackback Validation

Trackback Validation consists of a filter that compares the client IP address of the incoming trackback against the IP address of the server. Basically identifying the link source. If both of them don’t match, then it is a spam.

Blocked Comment Logging Mode

This helps us to know what has been blocked. It is a temporary diagnostic mode which logs blocked comments for a week and then turns it off automatically. It’s a good way to get an idea on what you anti-spam plugin is doing.

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I'll also add GoodBye Captcha to your list. I tried a bunch of solutions to stop spam registration, none of which worked.
This plugin finally did the trick—without any additional steps or CAPTCHA fields. Amazing !


Hi @mieluta, and welcome to the forums.

That's your own plug-in you've mentioned, isn't it? Perhaps you could explain briefly how it works, and how it differs from others on offer.


Thanks @mieluta, I'll try it. smile


I wish I'll be able to build such plugin one day. No, is not my plugin and have no idea how exactly is implemented.
Initially, the author of MailChimp for WP recommended it to me after I've got lots of fake subscriptions on my website.
Goodbye capctha is the only one plugin recommended by him in order to prevent spam sign-ups


Hi Amit,
Very nice and wise collection of words to describe the importance of anti-spam plugins.
I am running a video website. And when I started it, the Akismet was already installed. I want to ask is it necessary to install more anti-spam plugins to protect my website. I mean, professionally how many anti-spam plugins should be installed if you want 100% protection.


hi @adtech2014
I think even the akismet plugin helps me lot in blocking the spam comments. Also you could approve each comment accordingly which are blocked in spam.

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