The @ symbol as it relates to fonts

I have noticed in several applications such as NotePad ++ and Expression Web Design that the selection of available fonts includes fonts with the “@” symbol next to them, example “@Kaiti”. What does that indicate? I am looking for a unique font that will be browser friendly does this symbol indicate that?

Mike E:eye:

I can’t find any explanation of what the @ means on the front of the font names. What I did notice is that those font names appear twice in the list (once with and once without the @).

There doesn’t appear to be any difference between selecting the entries with or without the @ (either one displays the same font).

I’d suspect either like Stephen suggested they are either; duplicates or have differing levels of “Unicode support” variations within those specific fonts. As far as I understand “Kaiti” is a Simplified Chinese font. I’ve just had to turn on my Netbook (as I don’t have it on my desktop PC) and as I suspected; “Arial Unicode” did have a ‘@’ symbol in front of it…

Try this:


You can define a generic “font family” with CSS as fallbacks; ‘serif’, ‘sans-serif’, ‘cursive’, ‘fantasy’ or ‘monospace’.

Albeit you cannot guarantee what fonts a user has on their system but typically there are collections “core web-fonts” that tend to be used on the major Operating Systems.

If your font is fairly “unique” the chances diminish of your visitors being able to see the same font face.