The survey system for a website


I’ve been doing some research but couldn’t find anything so I thought I’ll post here. Apologies if it’s a wrong section.

I would like to know what kind of survey system this is, maybe the name of it, is it possible to buy/ download it from somewhere.
The survey system I’m talking about is basically it pops up a small window asking you to complete a survey in order to continue. It will display available offers and when someone completes one of them, advertisers whom offer was completed will pay you (the owner) some money.

As an example, here’s a link to sharecash download, see if you click regular download it will open up a window asking you to choose an offer which you want to complete.:

I imagine that this is some sort of system and is not their own made one, because same on is used in many other website like and so on, just that the pictures and offers are different.

So anyone know anything about this kind of system and would it be possible for me to register for it somewhere?


CPAlead offer these. Quite a few of the “file lockers” have started using them recently.

TrialPay is a similar idea as well, where by completing a free offer you get a paid product for free. Quite clever really as they pass on the affiliate fee and everyone wins.

What do you mean?

you are just sharing a link I guess.