The Sounds of Music - Walter Lewin

[FONT=“Georgia”]“The Sounds of Music

This was uber interesting. Enjoy!


[FONT=“Georgia”]haha, Nice post!

This has been my addiction for the last couple weekends. Wake up early. Google “Walter Lewin” videos. Watch one.

I finally ran out of Richard Feynman videos to watch last month.

By the way, he also had a really in depth one about art;
Looking at 20th Century Art through the Eyes of a Physicist

The title is misleading though. It’s not about Physics at all. It’s actually a nice summary of a few of the art movements since the Impressionists.

Interesting stuff. Even if you’re like me and don’t like “modern art”.


[FONT=“Georgia”]I’m surprised Datura isn’t in this thread yet.


Nice link, thanks! I enjoyed it.

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[FONT=“Georgia”]It’s nice to sit down and learn about something completely unrelated to whatever you’re used to encountering.


1 h 43 min The little girl is really cute, but you have to have the time to listen to the lecture… It looks interesting enough to schedule some time for it :slight_smile:

I’m at 11 min now and it is interesting so far… sound is always interesting. I have noticed that the fluorescent lamp in the ceiling of my kitchen is hissing in C# :smiley:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Ore, it’s about an hour and a half long. But worth it, really. Especially if you play an instrument.