The smartest dog ever! (A must see video!)

I just found this video and thought it would be great to share it with others. This will make your day. It’s really amazing! Have fun watching! The smartest dog in the world!

Wow! They should enter <whatever country they’re in>'s got talent! :slight_smile:

I just watched it again. That dog is a better dancer than I am.

Nice extra info! Thanks for that. There’s usually more than meets the eye in this world… (or the ear, in this case?).

OK, this isn’t a dog. What kind of magic is involved to trick me into thinking this is a real dog? I hate mind games.

Edit: So this is indeed a real dog. That’s insanity!

Holy crap, that’s amazing!

The song in the background is “el baile del perrito”, which means “the dance of the dog”.

Your aren’t serious, are you? Surely that’s a person dressed as a dog. :lol: (Thanks for the link :wink: )