The Right Frame of Mind: Applying the Lessons of CSS Frameworks

Really good stuff. Much to learn from here. I think that I’ve used some of these practices without thinking about it. Great food for thought.

Late to the party, Alex, but congratulations on a fine article.

I’m going to write this on the wall over my monitor. :slight_smile: Words to inscribe on your forebrain!

CSS frameworks? Really?? Really???


Next you’re going to tell me how to apply paint without walls.


Alex - have you used csscaffold at all? It provides a grid framework, I’d love to know what you think of it.

Thanks! I’ve always been a fan of minimalism (both in code and designs), knowing how to make your CSS work hard for you is great, especially if you work on websites that have increasing bandwidth costs. Cleaning up your CSS and tweaking it to the max can literally save you gigabytes of bandwidth! :slight_smile:

Thanks Max, though I doubt there’s enough space in my forebrain, It would be a case of old stuff out, new stuff in :smiley:

Assuming you read the article, it’s lucky I didn’t promote their use then. Using the same comparative you did, my article is like understanding the composition and chemistry of the paint before finding some self-built walls to apply it too (so you know how to get the best and cleanest coverage). :rolleyes:

I’ve played with it… but I’m not a big fan of relying on 3rd party libraries and components unless I have any other choice. I’m a bit of a purist :stuck_out_tongue:

Good article Alex :slight_smile:

Surprising the number of people who missed the point though :frowning:

Thanks Paul, Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile: