The requested web page may be dangerous

One of my customer send me a link pointing to saying its website “may be dangerous”. See print screen below.

I am using and for the purpose of checking any potential security issues and didn’t find any with the website ( I also tried, which appears to belong to Cisco, but it came up with a reputation of “Neutral”.

The reason behind my post is to know what tools are you guys using to perform those security checks ?

To be clear, that page isnt saying that the secure-web site is dangerous, it’s a page that someone has been redirected to because they tried to go to a DIFFERENT page (the blurred out one) that Cisco’s Web Security intercepted and said nuh uh.

Note that it could have done this for any number of reasons, not just that its saying its malware, but it seems that whatever Email link they clicked on tripped alarms. So someone sent them a link in an email that looked bad for some reason.

Yes, I understood that it didn’t mean the web site was dangerous, although my client thought it says so.

The email where he saw this link was coming from a bank that I suppose uses Cisco for its security. Besides the talosintelligence website I didn’t find anything on Cisco website for further investigation