The reason you don't want to buy goods from this website?

I have runned this shop online for nearly one year. there are more than 1000 styles available in shop now .quanlity is very good and the price is low (most of ties are priced $15) however, business is not good. there are only about 20 buyers place orders monthly. I am wondering whether ties are still necessary nowadays. if more and more people wear T-shirt,instead of shirt+ties in office, is it wise to stop further investment on this website?
I also want to know if there are other reasons why people are not willing to buy goods from my website. I will appreicate any suggestion from you.

you did not mentioned about the traffic volume.

anyway, maybe you should consider promoting your site to the ladies so that they can buy the tie for their man.

by the way, your tie collection is very good (with tasty design and color).

thanks for your review
there are only 30-50 unique visitors /day.

I am afraid ties, and most clothing items for that matter, don’t lend themselves for being good candidates for e-commerce. People still prefer to get a feel for the items before making a buying decision. So it is an uphill struggle. However, it is not an impossible line of trading. Just try to market the website in those websites and magazines where people in finance(and politicians dare I say?) frequent. People in dark suits so to speak may be more willing to shop online for that gorgeous, exotic and unobtainable tie.

It seems your ROI is high (3% - 4%), you only need to drive visitors to your site by google ads or from other channels.

30-50 uniques per day is pretty low traffic. I don’t think you really have enough traffic to know your true conversion rate.

I’d recommend optimizing your site for SEO and use PPC marketing to get some more traffic coming in. There is definitely a market for neckties… seems to be doing just fine!

i used PPC in past few months .however it is too costly and low convension .anyway , maybe I should keep on it . do you think affiliate program does work?

Affiliate programs can work, but they’re expensive to join. Creating your own affiliate program through your site wouldn’t be very helpful because how would people know about it? You’d have to join a well-known affiliate program like CJ so people would notice you.

I wouldn’t give up on the PPC yet. I’m not sure which keywords you were going with but I’ve notice going for the keywords with larger search volumes(i.e. ties, mens ties, etc) can be a waste for someone starting out. If you haven’t try doing some keyword research for keywords with a smaller search volume and using those for PPC.

Another thing to consider is where the keyword is directing them. If the visitor clicks on an ad for a striped tie and gets sent to the homepage they might leave. So having your keywords send them to a related landing page, in this case one with all the striped ties is very useful.

Another thing to consider is adding a little blurb on each product pages. I know it has the info in the specs table but it does add a human feel to the page.

Sorry if this is a lot of repeated information.