The Perfect Inbound Link Location

If you could get an in-bound link from anywhere on a target site, what is the best scenario?

  • Link from the Home Page Only?
  • Contextual Link from a Targetted-Internal Page?
  • Link on Every Page of the Site?

IMHO the best place will be a contextual link on a homepage. Attention! Not in footer, sidebar or header…try to get it into content of the page.

Mhh i would consider Option A or Option C, i would prefer option A because i’ve seen a webdesigner in the past which added his “Webdesign: Company name” on every customers website he had ( in the footer )… eventually he was removed from the SERP’s and he didn’t do anything wrong… So i’m always a bit careful with option C… I also wondered if it was because of that technique or he also had a ton of bad back links coming in…

the best way is link from the home page

Why? A brief statement like that without any reasoning to back it up isn’t very helpful.

I would go for number 2. The reason is the relevancy. Number 1 can be good in terms of link value, but as per penguin, it would be much better to opt into a more relevant and targeted pages that deliver targeted traffic to your site.

  • Linking from every page is pointless as Google will not give you credits for every link you place on every page. More than three links, it would start to get very diminishing returns.
  • Contextual links from internal pages are good but they are not better than a highly relevant contextual link from the home page itself.

Hope that helps!