The most effective methodology of rotating ads?

I’m trying to maximize conversions from my banner spots in order to convert my audience the best way possible.

I have been always rotating ads on my website on a random basis. For example, I have a 160x600 banner spot, and I got 3 banners rotated. The methology I use is a very simple php script that randomly chooses one of the 3 ads everytime the page is refreshed. As a result, each banner appears pretty much 33% of the time, on a completely random basis.

I was thinking if perhaps it would be a better idea to have a different rotating methodology. Perhaps it would be better for the script to choose which ad to display every 5 minutes, or every 40 minutes, etc. Or maybe some other way?

If you rotate banners, what’s your approach?

I should mention that each of the 3 banners is a static affiliate banner (commision junction type), not a network ad like valueclick which already rotates the ad themselves.

Hmmm… I will tell the people who advertise on my site first.
I have a blog that has some ads on it.
I use wordpress, and there is plug-in to do it
you can set it many ways.
The name is Adrotator.
I set it so the ads rotate around 1 day, because usually a visitor will see again tomorrow
Maybe you can learn the PHP on it so you can implement it on your site

Do some ad networks have rules for rotating other ads in the same spot? I know one network contacted me because I was running google ads in place of theirs but i just installed a rotation script.

Rotating ads isn’t the “best way possible” to get your visitors to click on them. … Period. As you have already seen for yourself.

It doesn’t matter how you do the rotation of the ads.

Try experimenting to see for yourself.

Having the right ads, the right products that interest people, placing them in the right spots, AND, not overwhelming the site with so many ads is the answer.