The Missing Calendar Library

I was looking for a calendar in php and finally stumbled across CalendR. This library was not very easy to find in google despite many search variations. Anyway this little library is simply brilliant. Has anyone else used this? If you need a calendar for php this is probably the best one available. It doesn’t have a UI/views but provides a very well done interface for building calendars with events without being dependent on many other projects.


People always seem to be looking for worthwhile open source projects. I think it would be really cool to add a mesour/calendar component using calendR. Something that doesn’t really exist in the php realm… not just inventing another “framework” but ACTUALLY filling a void.

Mesour UI Components:

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I like his home page and especially the animated logo. Click and it rolls across the header before falling to the screen bottom then changes to a floating leaf before returning, very neat and soothing :slight_smile:

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