The meaning of Question Mark

$newString = 0 [COLOR="Red"]?[/COLOR] rawurlencode($serverName) : rawurlencode($IDN->decode($myString));

I have the code above.
I like to know about the meaning of the Question Mark of it.
I like to know where of the php Manual I can study about “?”

It’s a shorthand IF.
IFcond ? True(Then) : False(Else);

The code below works fine.

[COLOR="Red"]IF[/COLOR] ($number==1) echo "yes";

I substitue “IF” the shorthand of it like the following.
But it produces a php error.

[COLOR="Red"]?[/COLOR] ($number==1) echo "yes";

Could you give me a simple code which contains the short hand “?”, please ?
Where in php manual can I study of “?” ?

See (the “Ternary Operator” section).

The ? is a shorthand notation is for an IF ELSE statement, trying to use it for a shorthand IF notation is not possible so you would have to stick with

if ($number == 1) echo "yes";

The only way you can get your statement to work is by using

echo ($number == 1) ? "yes" : "";

A = B ? C : D

is a short way of saying

if (B) A = C;
else A = D;