The meaning of a cached copy?

I have read and searched for similiar threads, but I am having a hard time finding a solution to my problem. My pages don’t seem to be cached copies and I am not sure if that is correct.

Google indexes all of my main pages yet it does not seem to want to pick up on the bulk of where my content and SEO words are.

My site is and google is not indexing the individual communities which I should get better search results from rather than ‘Houston Real Estate’.

Is this because of the way I have my site set up? Each new community pulls from a database and places its comments, pictures, and links onto the same outline.

I have even linked to each individual community at the bottom of my homepage to place importance on these links. I have also done an xml sitemap, but google does not seem to pick up on those urls and index my individual communities.

Here is what the cached home page looks like:

Is there a way to make my individual community pages be cached copies on my server?

I have complete titles for each one, but google says if there is no cached copy of the listed url, then they will only partially index. So I think that is the question that I need answered is unless I am incorrect about how google decides to index.


Josh Manuel

Having a bunch of links at the bottom of your home page pointing to the individual pages is ok however that doesn’t mean that they will get indexed. You need to make sure you are cross linking your pages so that there is a better chance of them being crawled. Basically this improves deep crawling of your site. Don’t be over zealous however and go overboard on cross linking your site pages. Try to give it a natural flow, if it works for your end user then it’ll work for a search engine too.