The London Tourist Guide

Hi all,

Next week, I need to be in London for work (read: afternoon tea) one day, and I’ll have 2-3 hours spare time in between.

I need this forum for suggestions, tips, things to do in a hurry, that are not commonly recommended for tourists: alternatives.
(since I’ve been visiting London already a few times and have been visiting the main tourists traps already)

So, what does a local (points the finger at you) in the city when you have nothing to do?
Recommended funny shops, bars, exhibitions, offline geek stores, …

Thanks in advance!

Surely, the answer depends on what you are interested in.

Personally, when I’m in London with a few hours to spare, I head to the London Transport museum in Covent Garden. But that’s only because I am interested in transport. You might find it completely boring.

If you would care to give us some information about what you enjoy doing, what your interests are, how you like to pass the time, etc, then I’s sure someone here can make some suggestions that will relevant to your.


I’m aware of that…
BUT, I’m kind of interested in what other people do to pass the time aswel. What happens in your minds?
It can give me new interests aswel. I’m addicted to new topics, or old ones I haven’t discovered yet… like crawling into wikipedia for hours clicking through pages on the net.

Well, I’m interested in guitars, photography, design, raku keramics, in- and outdoor activities (can it be more specific?), juggling, internet, … and my co-workers who come along will be interested in Austria, bicycling and TV documentaries.

We’ve had a great time, though!
Went to the National Geographic store, drunk some coffee, Pret A Manger (great tourist trap), did an afternoon tea (paid by the company), went on a few busses and tubes… Great weather aswel :slight_smile:
A walk through the city… really enjoyed London, clean streets, so much more beautiful than ugly dirty Brussels.

Glad you enjoyed your visit, Bulevardi. You obviously found plenty to do.