The Last Word

The Last Word in SEO & PPC and the ROI

So we have two disciplines

One is called SEO the other PPC

Both make links appear on SE’s

Well for the sake of this thread that is partly the subject matter

Now an SEO will tell you that circa 70% of people will prefer and will click the first “Organic” link

whereas a PPC Service provider is more likely to say

Circa 70% of people click the first link (with of course no mention to the SEO’s argument of 70% preference for natural).

So who is right who is wrong who is full of it and where did they get their info?

Which do you believe and why?

Who really has the last word?

When I used Google Adwords (on a free trial), my best performing terms got a click-through rate of 0.17%. In other words, only about 1 person in 6000 who saw my ad clicked on it. I’m sure with better targeting and marketing you could improve on that figure, but I doubt you would get it much above 1%.

Ads are usually less relevant than organic search results, and usually dump you at the site’s home page rather than at the relevant content page. Organic results are there on merit, ads are only there because they’ve been paid for. Is it any wonder that very few people click on ads?

So I am thinking that makes two us who think there may just be more ROI in SEO (Good top noth SEO of course) than PPC then.

Would you agree from scratching the surface that that is the impression you got Steve?

(Bear in mind I am talking about the big “if” If being we are assuming page one and in the top few if not top one or two results here).

Every time I read some PPC management provider say circa 70% of people click the first results I can’t help but have the thought in my mind that such statements are conveniently leaving out the “Natural” or “Organic” part that should apply to such claims/statements.

It might be better they said “Circa 70% of people who have absolutely no clue how anything on the internet works click the first ad link”. :slight_smile:

I might add I am biased. I have been driven mad by annoying badly placed sneaky adverts for years and I do SEO and have never used Adwords. I think if I count up the vouchers I have had trying to tempt me I would have over a thousand pounds worth of free Adwords (obviously not as it is all dated but you get my drift).

Begs the question “How valuable are that clueless 70% or 70% of the clueless” though.

Not that there is anything wrong with being clueless.

Sometimes watching the vegetables grow in the garden and never touching a computer again looks very tempting (more so than using Adwords actually LOL).

Actually that’s just over 1 in 588 Stevie, you need a new calculator :wink: or maybe you rounded it up amd added an extra zero by accident.

The minimum requirement for CTR is 0.5% or 1 click per 200 impressions or the Ad will eventually be disabled.

Not sure where you’re getting this info from, it’s pretty far off base. Firstly, PPC Ads are far easier for Google to make relevant than an organic page because there are far fewer elements to score. So, they tend to be more relevant. Secondly, organic results are full of spam and there are many more ways to spam the organic SERP than with PPC so the ‘merit’ idea is a bit optimistic, plus google make about 85% of their $30 Billion a year revenue from PPC so plenty of people are clicking on them actually.

Where did you get the idea that 'very few’ people click on PPC AdS?

As for Ads that ‘dump’ you at the home page rather than at the relevant content page, that happens, but it’s mostly down to the Advertisers not knowing how to use PPC properly.

MrFlicks. Done properly, PPC can have amazing ROI’s. I’ve had plenty of clients who’ve literally had a profit return in the thousands of percent.