The importance of the right name (online only business)

Hi all,

I am wondering what is more important when choosing a domain name for what would primarily be an online business. I have just read the 8 top tips and also other general info in the past and also how it plays a role in SEO.

I think that having a domain name that reflects what the business is about, being short and easy to remember and if possible including keywords for SEO purposes is more important than having your own name as the domain name.

But is this right?

Is it ok to register a domain name like when the name of the company is ‘Special Days’ that are (fictitiously) a NY based small business that plan weddings, birthdays etc?

The particular .com I wanted was gone so my second choice was .net and that was available :slight_smile:

Of course that is quite difficult to get good name with COM. But for online business I suppose that .NET would be really nice name.
I suppose that would be better for you to chose the name with .NET.

See that doesn’t make any sense to me at all, people will see your URL and think by association (and the brand) that you only do weddings (not birthdays). Your URL is an important part of your brand identity and ensuring it covers the scope of your business offerings is much more important than describing what it is you do. People will find your site based on the content you offer, but the TLD should always represent the brand itself, at least if you want people to associate the URL with your business (and not as some generic unrelated group). You are effectively producing a huge disconnect between the brand and your offerings, alike a business using an AOL, GMail or Hotmail email account (rather than one on their primary domain name) - it just doesn’t look right and will cause cognitive dissonance. If you do purchase it, do as elgumbo mentioned and ensure you have your brand as the main URL and have the keyword domain as a redirect which you can use for marketing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for you reply Eric, it is a little long for sure, good job the name wont be going on business cards :slight_smile:

Although the domain name is a little long,but if you promote your site well.It would not be a problem.Everything has two sides.

Sounds like a good plan to me :slight_smile:

In fact I would probably have two sites. One using the official company name in the domain and a separate targetted site using the keyword domain.

If I was only concerned about online SEO I would probably even load the domain with hyphens to make the most out of the keywords.

Cool, thanks elgumbo, I didn’t know it would be better to hyphen the words either and having a site with their actual name would be better for offline marketting like brochures, business cards etc.

Thanks for your help

Nice to hear. Good luck to you with your new domain name.