The Impact of Translation on SEO

I’ve been working on designing a new website for a long time. This site has changed radically. I added more dynamics
My question is, do you think translating a site into different languages ​​has an impact on SEO?
This site is in WordPress and on the other hand I do not know if the translation of the site using different plugin is good or to a translation service provider into English

Thank you in advance

While working on wordpress the more plugins you use, the page load speed of your site decreases, thus impacting on SEO.
And using translating your site into differeent languages is actually a good practice.
You have to find the balance in this matter.

A plugin as in auto translated? God, no!

If a person translates the content manually (and if they’re good at it), then yes, more content would be a good thing. I would structure the site well, though, or better yet, create a separate site in each new language. It’s a better user experience and thus SEO.

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