The Hobby of the Person above you

You have to guess the hobby of the person who is commenting next to you and the person have to tell whether the answer is correct or not.
The person is very much involved in Barbie :smiley:

Hey… but there’s no person above you…

I can say that the person above (^) loves Barbie

Oh! I wrote it wrong, I meant the person below you

Off Topic:

well, there’s no person below me right now… :stuck_out_tongue:

Here I am and hope that many other also will be here :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok down here as well.

The person next to me loves games!

True! The person below me likes playing pool.

the person below likes walking

This thread seems to be drifting around. The title says: the hobby of the person above you (which was later said to have been written wrong; it should have said “the hobby of the next person”), which could easily be a response in “The Person Above You” thread. The last 3 responses address the next person, not the previous person, all of which could appear in the thread,“True or False”.

If you want to talk about hobbies, why not open a thread to discuss hobbies?

I recommend that this thread be closed.