The History Of SEO

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I wanted to know how the Google Algorithm has morphed over the years and came across this article:

Greenlight > The history and evolution of SEO

Now having read this which i loved and began to wonder where can you keeo abreast of the latest Google Algorithm updates?

Any insights welcome,


Thats a good article. Green Light allways have a knack of explaining thigs well with infographics.

It’s amazing that so much has happened in a relatively short space of time. Especially when algo hacking was only 13 years ago. Glad Google put a stop to that the year after though

SEO by the SEA is a great site that covers patents from the top search engines and how they might factor into the search algorithms.
SEO by the Sea

Other than that I would monitor Search Engine Land and SE Round Table, they will usually write about any new algorithm changes.
Search Engine Land: Must Read News About Search Marketing & Search Engines

Lastly, you can monitor the Official Google Blog or Matt Cutts blog, sometimes they make announcements about changes, but you will usually hear about changes on search engine land or se round table first.
Official Google Blog
Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO

SEOMoz just published a History of the Google Algorithm that you might find useful:
Announcing: The Complete Google Algo History | SEOmoz

Site owners started to realize the value of having their sites highly ranked as well as visible in search engine results, making an opportunity for both White hat and Black hat SEO practitioners. The first documented utilize of the term Search Engine Optimization was John Audette as well as it’s company Multimedia Marketing Group as documented by a web page from the MMG site from August, 1997.

It stops at 2001…that’s missing about half the important history of SEO.

It is just the history of the Google Algorithm, not the history of all SEO

Let’s see here:
Article title: “Greenlight > The history and evolution of SEO” It doesn’t say Google Algorithm, it says SEO.

And either way, 2001-2011 is a critical part of the history of both Google and SEO.

As it is, this is just basically saying which search engines were around when, dressed up with an infographic.

Greenlight always have a nice and interesting way of giving or explaining important information the the users. Its been few years and quite a lot has happened in the world of seo with the recent advances and updates all working together to improve SEO.

This is the article I am referring to:
Announcing: The Complete Google Algo History | SEOmoz