The Great Debates 2: www or not?

Hey all, this is the second in a series of “debate” threads. Here’s a link to the first debate.

Please don’t take them too seriously: they are meant to be as fun as they are serious.

The aim is to come up with funny, clever and creative responses to a proposition on some aspect of web design. Vote for your favorite answers with the button.

In the early days, you had to quote web addresses with www at the start or people wouldn’t know what you were talking about.

But then it became o so trendy to leave off that superfluous www (a view promoted by sites like That results in a “naked” domain—and naked’s got to be a good thing, right? … unless your domain is ugly … maybe.

But wait! Suddenly www is the thing again, this time for more technical reasons. However, it seems the original no-www crowd is digging its heels in.

Let’s save the www (or not) community from this conundrum with a definitive answer!


If you need cookies restricted to the main domain and not accessible to any sub-domains then using www is the way to do it.

If you want the domain name to be as short as possible then leave off the www. at the front.

If you are going to include it in text emails and want at least some email programs to display it as a hyperlink to the address then include the www

If you have a huge site being served from multiple servers then you can use the www for its original purpose of automatically redirecting to www1 www2 etc depending on which server the content is to be delivered from.

If none of the above (or similar reasons) apply then whether you include it or not is your own choice.




WWI wasn’t WWI until WWII

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WWII was first named that in 1919 so at that point what was first referred to as the European War and (from 1917 when the Americans joined in) as the World War became WWI

WWIII was first named that some time during the 1940s

Wow, that one passed me by. :stuck_out_tongue:

No it didn’t as it hasn’t happened yet.

Just because the second world war was given that name in 1919 doesn’t mean that it started then.

Um, no, definitely not! I take it you’re joking here, but joking about war really isn’t done in my book, especially when we’re talking about a war on a global scale!

Sorry to be such a killjoy, but I simply can’t let this stand.

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No worries, @ScallioXTX. It was a silly comment, so sorry to offend. I stand excoriated corrected. :slight_smile: