The Google Algorithm For Link Popularity

Google is by far the most important search engine on the net. To rise to the top of their search engine, you need to improve your link popularity and you need to understand how they measure your link popularity (over 50% of all search engine traffic comes from Google, and if you can rise to the top, you will likely rise to the top of all the other search engines as well).

Google only count quality backlinks and other search engines count all types of links.
that is why achieving google ranking is more important as compare to other search engines.

Google new search algorithm Caffeine is ready to be launched.

  1. Content matters a lot.
  2. Site/page download time.
  3. Site or domain age not a big factor.
  4. Real Time Social Media Searches.

Yes you are right cassine Google Caffeine will change the SEO and the way of working on Internet. Th points you mentioned will be the deciding factor in the future.

That’s why most webmasters loves google for promoting their sites.