The first ever size 16 girl to take part in the Miss England

size 16 girl In Miss England Final
Chloe Marshall, a 17-year-old ex-beautician from Surrey, is set to turn modelling convention around by becoming the first ever size 16 girl to take part in a Miss England final. The BBC suggests she’s making history which, in the week that America got healthcare reform and the UK launched a new space agency, seems like a fair assessment.

The 5ft 10in, 12st 5lb and a 36E model points out that the average UK woman is a size 16 and says past efforts to drop in dress size weren’t for her:

"Last year I went on a really strict diet and got down to a size 12, but I just looked like skin and bones, it didn’t suit me.
“I eat healthily, I go to the gym a lot. This is just the size I’m meant to be.”

Why do we even have a Miss England contest these days? I can’t find any info on the Miss England website that tells me what the point of the competition is. If it’s to celebrate the hottest girls in England, that seems obviously dated. If it’s to pay tribute to the character and inspirational efforts of the average English woman, why aren’t there more girls like Chloe Marshall getting through to the finals?

Just a bit of harmless fun as i see it. I don’t think anyone, aside from the girls taking part maybe, take it seriously.

Do they even televise it anymore? Not seen it on for years.

Wow, when will PC end? It’s not ok to be overweight, it’s really that simple and since we shouldn’t be telling young girls ‘it’s ok to be pencil thin’ we should also not be encouraging young girls that it’s ok to be overweight, how ironic…

I bet some of their mothers (and fathers) take it seriously. :slight_smile:

I agree with JJ, this is not a good role model for young girls. It’s not healthy to be overweight (I’m overweight myself) but I don’t hold myself up as an example of how people should look. She claims in there that she eats healthy and goes to the gym alot. You gotta do more than just go to the gym. Also when you get there don’t go straight to the snack bar. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is NO way someone can look like that and “go to the gym a lot/eat healthily”, not unless she’s just there to chat / eat energy bars, or she eats a ton of “healthily food” or has a medical condition.
The math just won’t add up.

I was overweight myself, before I started to go to the gym regularly and started eating healthily.

Is this recent news, considering that page was last updated almost 2 years ago? :confused:

As far as the girls weight goes, maybe she’s larger than the typical Miss England contestant, but she looks rather skinny compared to many people in this country. Sad but true…

Good pick up, guess she didn’t win then! :lol:

  • better to use average sized girls, to prove such points then - and yeah… that is old lol.