The fastest way to build a list

Everyone knows how to build a list. You get a freebie, like an ebook, create a squeeze page for it and drive traffic towards it using various methods. If you use only the common free traffic methods like article marketing, forums, bookmarking etc. you will probably just get about 5 - 10 signups per day if you are lucky.

So how do the big guys grow their list so quickly without using PPC?


If you can grow your list to at least 500 subcribers, you can leverage it by doing ad swaps to grow your list very quickly and easily. Adswaps mean that you broadcast someone else’s ad to your whole list in exchange for them doing the same. You can do adswaps with people with lists a lot bigger than 500 and quickly grow your list. As your list gets bigger, you can do adswaps with people with bigger lists. Imagine getting 300 signups just from one email?

There are various places on the internet and also on the JV thread on Forums where you can look for adswap partners, and it’s really easy to do this, the only thing you need is to grow your list to at least 500 so that you can start leveraging it.

So, for all the newbies, start using your free traffic generation techniques to quickly grow your list to at least 500 and start looking for adswaps to quickly grow your list!

What kind of stuff can you sell to those people who opted in this way?

You can sell anything related to that niche. If you have an Internet Marketing list, then you have to look for other people with similar lists to grow your from. After that you can keep on selling to this bigger list and make bigger profits.