The end of clarity? The HTML5 identity now stands for multiple technologies


That certainly is a giant step towards a new, blurry direction, and the already apparent lack of distinction made in the public between the various technologies we use today seem to finally have received the seal of approval from the source.

Jeremy Keith has written a piece on it and I feel similarly confused and irritated by the W3C’s bold move.

It didn’t surprise me in the least, isn’t it some magic bullet according to the marketeers.

I’m somewhat amazed that the W3 would go in this direction.

I think HTML5 is being marketed as multiple technologies in good faith that browser manufacturers will acknowledge, accept and ultimately make all available in upcoming releases. I got a chuckle from the badges. Your site can now be different levels of HTML5! – lol.

Somewhat confusing to be honest.

Relevant: CSS Squirrel is like-wise confused too.

HTML5 Super Friends Assemble!

If I hadn’t given up on HTML5 years ago, this would probably make me do it.

After viewing the HTML5 logo page, I suspect someone just trod on a butterfly 50 million years ago.

Just what we need. A futurist/brutalist/militarist/superheroist branding ethos.

Yuk. And double yuk.

W3C - World Wide Web Consortium.

A consortium is a type of committee folks. And remember…

None of us is as dumb as all of us.[/center]

If you’re upset about the logo, this should cheer you up:

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse -_-

Hmm, well it definitely should cheer you up.

How is muddying the waters even more, supposed to cheer me up?

At least before when people said HTML5, we knew what they were talking about. Now they can say HTML and mean… anything at all.

Actually that logo with the green warning circle containing the question mark would have been a far better logo.

Haha, Robert.

TankCSS3Gurl is making sure HTML5 does not get confused with CSS3! “Here to save you from believing that CSS3 is part of HTML5 …!”

Of course you can see the other superheroes from the squirrel comic:

*edit oh now there’s whathtml5isnot

Now I thought the HTML5douche was a funny joke account, but now it seems there are… sprouting like mushrooms.

I don’t think a markup language (no matter how hard it tries to be more than that) has to worry about sullying its reputation but this is starting to make web developers who are interested in some of this stuff look like dorks.

Okay maybe they already were dorks, but I mean, dorkier dorks.

Bruce has a better term: NEWT

And has ranted on this CSS3+JS==HTML5 thing as well: