has anyone purchased this dream templates package for 59 dollars . . . and can you remove the COPYRIGHT DREAM TEMPLATES from the bottom of the page ?

hey i ended up buying their package back when i did the post, i used them for a year, and got probably well more then my moneys worth. alot of their files come bundle with the .psd files so if you dont have a FULL photoshop you dont get to edit that well.

but all in all i really liked their collection… near the end they started getting cool templates but after a year i already had some many themes that there was no reason to pay for another year.

i give the whole process a 7.5 out of 10

Any reviews on these templates?

BTW, the $59 deal expires EVERY midnight–but is still available the next day.

hey so i figured i would wait around for you guys to see if it was a scam or not because the 59 dollar membership deal is only good til midnight . . . AND IM GLAD I DIDNT i am downloading templates like crazy !

they dont have any links in the template and it is good for seo with not alot of images slices every where messing up the seo . . . but all in all its 12 / 10