The Divine Ratio in Web Design

Will graphic/web designer pros please respond if you use the golden ratio, AKA divine ratio, in creating your layouts and if so, is this even practical for screen resolution purposes since the work area is not constant but can changed depending on the display type and can even by resized by the user?

A lot of design principles from other disciplines don’t translate well to the web, such as this one. There’s no problem sizing your images according to a certain ratio, but for other layout elements it’s not very practical. Websites are very fluid, and as a text container becomes narrower, its nature is to become taller at the same time, and trying to prevent that isn’t a good idea at all.

Interestingly, I stumbled across this article that demonstrates a nifty CSS strategy for maintaining aspect ratio:

Don’t know how practical it is with a decent amount of content in a box, but still worth a look.

I am new to Sitepoint and forums but, a long time observer.
I am currently bring my self up to HTML, XHTML & CSS.
I can remember when compute code was hard wired.
So I think I can quote a good example of software that is very closely reliant upon the Golden Rule ( code, math & ect )
I would direct you to " Google Earth ".

As I said, I am new to Sitepoint and forums and as U have noticed, made a few mistakes in my typing.
I will attempt to be more attentive. As the old cliche goes: " /. " ( donot miss a period).
I am using an iPad mini and the touch screen keyboard. This is a far advanced method over the old hard wired terminal and centerlized computer ( prior to the coming of the PC).

Yes, as a matter of fact I toy with it often. As can be seen here in this article Article on e-commerce software solutions. 539x333 image in the content would be an example of the ratio.
I like the concept and although I’m not convinced it achieves all that some say it does it’s an interesting concept. I try to keep an open mind… right?

However in regards to layouts it’s tough to achieve the ratio consistently on responsive design which most of my stuff is built on.