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…aye, lassie …they were indeed good ideas. Just like the time I told Mr Spock aboot the dangers of changing the ratio of the mix in the matter/anti-matter converter when that scene-stealing William Shatner got the Starship Enterprise in trouble again with his reckless adventuring.

and then you wreck it by being a smartarse honestly if you didn’t agree with comments posted then you can ignore them or PM the Monitors.[/quote]

…actually, m’wee bairn…i was RESPONDING in kind in a smart-ass fashion to someone who was being a smart-ass himself…could y’no figure that oot for yourself, lassie?

I mean, I’m no saying that I’m the greatest Starship Engineer in the fleet (after all, I havna’ been able to get “manual override” to work properly in even one episode of Star Trek and I couldna’ even get m’cremated remains launched properly into ooter space… )

…but if you yourself canna’ figure oot that I was only responding in kind, I doubt that you’ll ever be able to get “manual override” to function properly in your own Starship someday.

Or maybe you can go “Goldfinger” yourself up your own Star Trek.[/quote]

A wee bit of profanity, eh lassie? To everybody’s favorite Starship Engineer???.. A lad who never once failed t’give that scene-stealing, William Shatner "warp factor eight and maybe a wee bit more.

Actually, what the readership should know was that Catherine was actually HOPING I would perform the aforementioned deed IN FRONT OF YOU ALL so that the Sitepoint Forums would be on record as THE FIRST GROUP IN MANKIND’S HISTORY to finally be able t’provide the correct answer t’future generations as t’JUST WHAT IT IS that a Scottish Highlander wears underneath his kilt.

Y’canna’ trick me that easily, lassie

No need to PM me Monitors I’m going[/QUOTE]

Where are y’going, lassie? Y’didna’ say.

To the moderators,
I’ve traveled back from the 23rd Century to inform y’all that I’m quite disappointed that w’16 new mentors,an untold number of new advisors, & lord only knows how many new gurus

…that th’whole lot of you are unable to come up with a procedure for dealing with “fluff postings” so I’ve brought in Scotland’s SECOND GREATEST ACTOR (behind m’self) to provide HAWK and the other powers that be with a way t’move forward…

…and now with NO FURTHER HESITATION, I bring you all Scotland’s SECOND GREATEST ACTOR…

D’you expeck m’to tokk, Goldfinger?

No, Sean Connery, I dinna’ expect y’to talk, y’daft beastie… I expect y’to tell the Sitepoint Administrators how 'tdeal with all these fluff postings OTHER THAN to banish them by beaming them doon t’the planet’s surface with that scene-stealing William Shatner

[COLOR=“DarkGreen”]Ittchz rather shhimpple to answer… I’m shhurprized that my presence here is required for that as opposed to romancing the most beautiful sitepoint xhtml coders… Here’s the situation as I shhee it, HAWK

1)You want to eliminate “fluff postings” on the Sitepoint Forums but what on earth do you with all the fluff postings presently in existence?

The answer is rather shhimple… you NEED TO add structure to your “fluff postings” utilizing th’power of XML.

Thatzzthh correct, the Great 007 izzhhh here t’tell you all that certain elements of what are considered “fluff postings” should be deprecated or “shhlated for eventual removal”.

You could ALSO “nest” certain FLUFFTYPE postings WITHIN OTHER FLUFFTYPE postings

What the ingenious “Q” at the laboratories of MI5/MI6 has said izzhhh needed therfore are <! FLUFFTYPE> namespace declarations in 3 flavors; to wit,

[]<! FLUFFTYPE Frameset>
]<! FLUFFTYPE Tranzzzisshhhional>

[/LIST]and lasshht but not least

  • <! FLUFFTYPE Strict>

Your problems are solved if y’come up with a Sitepoint3C “validation page” for each FLUFFTYPE DECLARATION, HAWK.

Thank y’very much, Commander Bond… well, what do y’think, HAWK?.. a brilliant suggestion like that from the Great 007 WITHOUT any Englishmen being harmed during the fashioning of his Sitepoint posting!!!

…and I wouldna’ want any Englishmen to be harmed either, especially that congenial lad and Sitepoint author who wrote the Sitepoint masterpiece, “Build Your Sitepoint Postings the Right Way Using XHTML and CSS”

It’s back t’the 23rd Century… it’s my understanding that Hollywood is producing a “Hot Tub Time Machine” movie…so when the aforementioned Hot Tub Time Machine moves out of the prototype stages and into actual production, y’can all visit Scotty and take a wee gander at the soon-to-be released implementation of HTML 275

Lawlz. Yesh, we acshually have a shyshtem worked out for dealing with fluff, old man. It’sh about to be implemented by our good man Q ash early ash thish weekend.

Did you know Connery forbids people to imitate him on set?

Also, Datura’s a she.[/ot]

…I really don’t even know what to say after that. Was probably the most random thing I’ve ever seen in a thread here.
PS-I loved your flufftypes :wink:

I didna’ know that Datura is a “she”…

…it doesna’ matter - it was that scene-stealing William Shatner who got t’romance all th’lassies in Star Trek…

… although that wee long broon-haired Russian girl that was Chekov’s “old flame” in one episode of Star Trek wasna’ too bad looking.

Here’s the lassie that I really liked but I had to get zapped w’lightning by the Greek God, Apollo for her to pay any attention to me

Ok… that’s enough hijacking of my thread DavidChildress… your posts hurt my head.

Okay… although I’d be more inclined to take issue with the insulting behavior - but then I’m not an administrator. A certain subset of Sitepoint posters seem pretty willing to “dish it out” but then “can’t take it in return”.

This thread however has returned… once more… to you

thanks for speaking up, hawk

i was gonna report those posts as being too fluffy and not actually contributing anything of value

:smiley: :smiley:

Hm, but they were highly entertaining… so, doesn’t fit the new fluff guidelines?

…and Sitepoint was just about to be the first Internet Forum where Scotty from Star Trek would have attempted performing HIS Highlander VERSION of a telepathic interrogation technique that could only be called the GAELIC MIND MELD

“My mind t’your minnnnddd… m’thoughts t’your thoughtssss… my fluff t’your fluffffff …Achhh - this isna’ working oot well at all… y’must need a genuine Vulcan t’do this MIND MELD thingamajig properly”

Ok… that’s enough hijacking of my thread DavidChildress… your posts hurt my head.

The colours and fonts hurt my head too, but I’m with Stomme poes, David’s UN Commission on Human Rights ripost to r937 was priceless and beaten only by the last one above :slight_smile:

Maybe HAWK can tell us if these are indeed fluff posts under the new rules and/or what the criteria for judging fluff posts is going to be.

[FONT=“Georgia”]I’m lost.


I split these posts out from the feedback post in News and Announcements because they were so off topic.

this is news?